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About Liz

Danelly Liz-Croes or “Liz”, is a self- taught artist from Miami, FL
living on the island of Aruba. Growing up, Liz became enamored with surrealism and the lowbrow movement and credits much of her inspiration by the works of Dali, Margaret Kean, and Mark Ryden. This interest was cultivated over the years, having drawn from these influences and developed her own surreal portraiture. Liz describes her work aesthetic as "creepy cute". The figures in Liz' work are instantly recognizable with their large, doe eyes, short noses, and puckered lips. 

IAMLIZ Ceramics

A collection of my air-dry and ceramic works.

IAMLIZ Paintings

A collection of my oil and acrylic based paintings.

IAMLIZ Illustration

A collection of my graphite drawings.


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